Examination Assessment Strategic management

4 different essay questions, each question should be 2 pages, reference is not needed however, the book Crafting and executing strategy could be used for information.


Question 1

  1. Critically analyze the focused differentiation strategy. What is the rationale for choosing this strategy? 70%
  2. What are the risks involved and how can they be addressed successfully? Give examples of companies that have implemented this strategy and discuss the reasons for their success or failure. 30%


Question 2

McCafes are an initiative of Macdonald’s that aims to challenge established upper quality coffee chains, by offering good quality coffee at lower prices. What are the strategic alternatives for upper quality chains, like Starbucks, who are facing this challenge? (you are expected in your answer to discuss growth and generic strategies) 100%


Question 3

A small boutique winery (with a limited list of high quality red wines) established in Italy has decided to follow a market development strategy and enter the Chinese market.


  1. What are the strategic issues the company should consider? 30%
  2. Critically evaluate the alternative means of implementation and recommend the most appropriate. 70%


Question 4

  1. Critically discuss the elements of a business model according to the article of Johnson et al (2008) ”Reinventing your business model” 70%
  2. Provide examples of business models and explain the reasons for their success or failure 30%
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