Factors of Pilot Motivation

2:How have pilots evolved within Aviation History
2.1:First Aviators
2.2Current Aviators and technological advancements
3:How pilots are organized in Current Aviation (briefly cover the characteristics of these fields, pointing the differences in attitude and purpose)
3.1:Military Aviation
3.2:Commercial Aviation
3.3:General Aviation
4:Psychological factors that empower / disable pilots
4.1How can ego empower and disable
4.2Training programs that certify pilots (please reference 3.1-3.3 for the difference in training enviorments)
4.3:Values absorbed through the transformation
5:How Pilots fit into Organizational Structures and the Behavior associated
5.1:Human factors in Management
5.2:Decision making processes
5.3:Sociological bonds Pilots hold in society

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