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Write a 3 page paper in which you examine Thunderheart in terms of its reflection of the reality of the true life situation on reservations during the 1970s. The film claims it is based in truth-this assignment gives you a chance to see if the film was highly fictionalized or close to the actuality of the situation. you’ll need to do some searching for an outside source(website) and access the articles in Native Voices to support your claims here. Make sure choose a trustworthy web source that has an author or organization’s name attached to it so that you know it is legitimate.

you’ll need to use 3 to 4 sources for this assignment: the film counts as one; and the website you find will count as another. You’ll want to choose at least one of the articles you’ve read on your topic from our thextbook(Native American Voices), but you can choose two if you like.

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