Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fantasy and Science Fiction is writing that serves a basic human need: to fed and fuel the imagination.  Its appeal to children lies in the marvel and magic, heroic struggles, hidden meanings, portrayals of the future or alternate worlds, and the intrusion of the supernatural or technology.

•    E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

What your task is in this assignment is to first read the book in its entirety.  After reading the book, research it.  Find out information about the author, the book itself, and what role it plays in children’s literature. Then, write a research report discussing important aspects of the book and its contribution to the realm of children’s fantasy and science fiction.  Your report should include the following criteria:

1.    An opening paragraph introducing the book and any relevant background information.
2.    A brief summary of the book
•    Discuss plot lines, main characters, settings, climax, etc.  That way, if the reader is not familiar with the book, he/she will have some understanding of the plot.
3.    Report on the author
•    Discuss who the author is, what other works he has done, and what role he plays in children’s literature.  Also, provide any relevant background info on the author.  Discuss his writing style, themes, influences, and other important aspects.
4.    Report on the book itself
•    Don’t include just simple information like who wrote it, when it was published, etc.  Instead, discuss how this book functions in the realm of children’s literature—more specifically, the realm of science fiction and fantasy.  What has it contributed to the realm, what is it most widely known for, what is its appeal to children?  Be as comprehensive as possible.
5.    A concluding paragraph that sums up the major points of the report

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