FCT Task 4

I have submitted this paper to my graders but it still did not pass. I will need corrections made to the paper with ONLY what the graders suggested me to change. I will attach the originial paper and the original instructions. The password for course compass is: kevingee27. The login for course compass is: angellemajor26
In the original instructions it says to look up the protocol form but the
questions on the protocol form, I have answered in paragraph form in the
paper that I have written. Just make the corrections that the graders want
to the paper that I have submitted and I will fill in the actual form
later. Thanks so much.
Graders comments that need to be changed:
*Articulation of Response (clarity, organization, ease of understandability:The responses are very brief and general, making it difficult to determine the author’s level of understanding of this topic. Task directions ask for 1-2 paragraphs for each response.
*Level of Objectivity:Objectivity is limited by the brief and general responses.
*Level of Student Engagement With Instruction:The response provides a few brief statements about the students being “engrossed in the learning process by answering questions and following directions without question.” More is needed to be considered a logical analysis. What other evidence is there of student engagement in the video? Is the level of engagement high, medium, or low? Using specific examples from the video to provide support will strengthen the response.
*Ground Rules for Productive Participation:The response begins to provide an explanation of how ground rules might be established by very generally making reference to “the type of students, their responses to different issues, and the consequences given.” A great start! However, more is needed. What rules would the author promote and why? How would the rules be taught? How would the author know if the students understood the rules? What other considerations are there? Please revise by being more specific about how ground rules might be established for productive participation.
*Student Participation and Effectiveness of Direct Instruction:The response begins to provide a connection between student participation and effective instruction by stating in a general way that the students “understand a specified criterion, the need for group participation, and the consequences for contradictory behavior.” How did the students in the observed video participate? How did this relate to the teacher’s direct instruction? Please revise the response by including specific detail relating to the observed video.
* Lesson Plan Preparation and Instruction:Very briefly and generally, the response states, “An efficient lesson plan must address the overall class situation while giving a theoretical analysis of what will happen in class. The kind of instruction seen in this video demonstrates a pre-planned efficient lesson plan.” A great beginning! Specifically, what evidence of lesson plan preparation is there in the observed video and how did that affect the observed instruction? Using specific examples from the video will help.
*Professional Behavior and Impact on the Learning Environment:The response provides a connection between one component of professionalism (age-appropriate language) of the observed teacher and the impact on learning. Please revise by making a connection between other observed professional behaviors and their impact on the learning environment.
*Explanation of Thinking Process:This aspect of the task require more of a personal reflection. What may have been learned? Are there any personal experiences that relate to professionalism impacting the learning environment?
*Outline of Classroom Management Plan:There is no evidence of a Classroom Management Plan attached to this task. Please submit with the revision.
*Behavior Goals:see comment above.
*Rules:See comment above.
*Consequences:see comment above.
*Reinforcements: see comment above.

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