Field trip




Assignment (in a written paper format)  Complete both parts


Part I – Infinite Balance: Artists and the Environment (current – 2/5/2012)


1.  Select three different photographers from this exhibit.   Remember to state each photographer’s name, title of photographs,

photographic process used and date or work, if known.

2.   Look at your selected photographer’s work as a whole unit.  How might their work be didactic (to teach) to you as a viewer?

How was the photographer able to depict a visual impact and understanding of a place or an environmental situation?

3.   Can you connect or relate to any of your selected photographs in a personal way?  Might these images have any meaning to you?

4.  What is the Prix Pictet?  How do your selected photographers encompass the ideas to have been chosen as a finalist for the Prix Pictet.

5.   How might there be a difference to you in seeing works in color versus black & white photographs?



Part II – See/Saw: Annual Youth Exhibition (current – 1/29/2012)


1.   Select two student photographers from different grades/ages.  Remember to state the student’s name, title of work,

photographic medium used and date.

2.  Describe 2-3 visual elements and/or principles of design which make the selected photographs effective, such as emphasis, the use

of light & shadow, rhythm, implied space, balance, unity & variety etc.

3.  Create and describe a narrative story in each of your selected photographs.


** Include a short introduction to your paper.


** In your conclusion, explain what you may have taken away with you after this visit.  Would you return to other exhibits at this museum and would your recommend these exhibits to others?  Why or why not?



Your written portion of the paper should be a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 4 pages.  Typed, double-spaced.  You may print

on both sides of the page to save on paper.  Font size should not be larger than Times New Roman 12, if you are using a different font style.  Margins are standard – 1” top, bottom & sides.  Don’t aim to make larger margins and less text.  Better to have smaller margins and more text.


This paper is an analysis in your own words from your experience and should not have any supportive references from outside sources, (museum placards, books, Internet, etc.).

























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