Film &Theater studies

Here’s what I need is for you to answer these questions in three paragraphs NUMBERED with each paragraph containing at least 90 words in each.

(Question #1) As DiBattista points out, “the most effective assaults on David’s dignity are orchestrated with attacks, in one instance a raid, on his clothes” (194). How do David’s clothing problems effect his gender and identity throughout Bringing Up Baby? How do Susan’s clothing choices construct her gender and identity, with Hepburn one of the first women in Hollywood to wear pants on-screen?

(Question #2) DiBattista explains that while throughout most of Bringing Up Baby is shot using naturalistic angles, such as medium shots from eye level, at the end of the film “[s]uddently the entire visual vocabularly of the film changes, as if beginning to invent a new cinematic language. The visual naturalism that had kep this Darwinian comedy tethered to reality is abandoned as the camera takes up one strange, startling angle after another, some of them from a point of view that seems hardly human” (198). Why is this change in camera angles significant? How does it change the tone of the film? How is this different than if the conclusion had been shot in the naturalistic style of the rest of the film?

(Question #3) Gehrig explains that in the postwar era (after 1945), “changing entertainment tastes now made romantic comedy a more marketable genre” (97-98). Why do you think this was the case? How did the historical context contribute to this shift?                            Also read Chapter 5 in (DiBattista) and Chapter 4 in (Gehrig). Required Materials: Fast-Talking Dames, Maria DiBattista (ISBN: 0-300-09903-7)
Romantic vs. Screwball Comedy: Charting the Difference, Wes D. Gehring
(ISBN: 0-8108-4424-9)                              Plus watch the movie “Bringing Up Baby”(1938).

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