Film & Theater studies

Here’s what I need is for you to answer these questions in at least 275 words.

(Question): Gehrig points out that one of the reasons Katharine Hepburn’s long career was so successful, including her pairings with Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracey (a couple of which we’ll see with Woman of the Year and Desk Set) is the relatability of the “romantic middle-aged couple” (135), a trend that includes Bringing Up Baby. As Gehrig continues, “[s]adly, even today this remains a relatively rare story premise, with popular culture art appearing to be more youth obsessed with each passing year” (135). Arguably, screwball comedies are one of the only genres that focus almost exclusively on adult couples. Why do you think this was an acceptable focus in the screwball era? Why do you think it is “relatively rare” today?

Also read Chapter 5 in (DiBattista) and Chapter 4 in (Gehrig). Required Materials: Fast-Talking Dames, Maria DiBattista (ISBN: 0-300-09903-7)

Romantic vs. Screwball Comedy: Charting the Difference, Wes D. Gehring (ISBN: 0-8108-4424-9)

Plus watch the movie “Bringing Up Baby”(1938).

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