Financial Analysis

Give an introduction to what the writing assignment is about. Briefly discuss how you are going to accomplish the goal of the assignment. provide a brief history and background information of HP company. State of incorporation and CEO. Discuss the industry, products, target market(domestic and/or international), competitive environment (this should include information on the top 10 competitors and the relative position of your company in that group using measures such as revenues, market capitalization and number of employees).
Present and review the financial statements of your company for the past three years- balance sheets and income statements. After presenting each financial ratio discuss its content with the focus on the main  items over the three year period.
Using information from the financial statements, compute and interpret the following financial ratios for your company: current and quick ratio, debt to total asset ratio, TIE ratio, ROA, ROE, P/E and M/B ratios. In discussing the ratios, one must decide each ratio and explain whether the computed value is good or bad.
backround in formation  can be obtained from,,

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