For Gun Rights in America

The rough draft shouldn’t be “rough” at all – in fact, it should be complete in every way.  Think of it as your “final” paper – right now.
I will not be reading your rough drafts for content.  I am only checking for proper MLA in-text citation, signal phrases, and correctly formatted Works Cited entries.
YOU MUST HIGHLIGHT ALL SIGNAL PHRASES USED IN THE PAPER AND EVERY TIME YOU PARAPHRASE, QUOTE, OR SUMMARIZE FROM A SOURCE. Use a yellow highlight in Word for this.  If you do not highlight the signal phrases, you will receive a zero on this assignment.
It needs everything outlined in the Paper Formatting guidelines, such as a title, the proper font/formatting, etc.
It needs a Works Cited section (not your 25 sources, but the actual sources you used).
It needs to have all the required sources.  See the requirement link in the Class Documents folder.
It needs to be at least 7 and no more than 10 pages.  To count as a full page, text must run down at least 3/4 of the way down the page.  Works Cited pages do NOT count toward page length.
Do not include a title page.
Your paper must appropriately address the opposition.  Remember your opposition essay and draw from that.  Failure to overcome objections will result in major point loss in the final paper.
Be sure to reconcile or account for each entry on your Works Cited to be sure it appears as an in-text citation inside the body of the paper.  If you have extra entries, remove them.  If you have an in-text citation with no Works Cited entry, this is really plagiarism, so please do not “go there” as you will receive a zero for the assignment and run the risk of being ejected from my class.  So this is very important!
Signal phrases MUST be present for every quote, paraphrase, or summary.  Use the “according to” phrase for each.  For example, “According to Blaise Pascal, pasteurization is required for proper sterilization of milk.”  When I see this, I will check your Works Cited page to ensure I see “Pascal” as an author.  If this source is an Internet source with no page numbers, then you would not need to have (  ) after the quote.  The signal takes care of that.  So, again, super important to signal your sources.
When you use a source for the first time, you must refer to the author by first and last name AND provide his or her credentials.  The full name and credential requirement only applies to the FIRST time the author is used.  Each other time you use that author, you can refer to him or her by last name only.
Website names are always italicized.  Book titles are italicized as well.  However, articles / pages on websites or in newspapers are listed in quotation marks.  For example: – the website.  Article:  “How I Learned to Drive” from
Periods go inside the quotation marks, unless you have a paginated print source.  In that case, put the period after the parentheses.  For example:  According to Blaise Pascal, “pasteurization is cheap compared to contracting fatal diseases” (345).  This indicates the quote comes from page 345 in this source.
Grammar is also very important, so be sure to revise, revise, revise, and then revise some more.  Have others read your paper, read it aloud in the mirror, have a friend read it, etc.  Grammar errors in the final paper count heavily against you, so aim here in the rough draft to have none.

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