France in the Age of Enlightenment

For this assignment you are asked to locate and write an annotation for six scholarly sources on your chosen topic. Scholarly sources must include at least 3 articles published in refereed/reputable journals, and at least 3 books, so totally 3 journal articles and 3 books. For this assignment. DO NOT include websites, book reviews, or encyclopaedia entries as sources.

The detailed instructions are:

• For each source you will write a 200 word annotation. Each annotation must include three important things:

4. A summary of the main arguments and ideas put forward by the author(s).

5. An evaluation of the reliability and credibility of the source. This evaluation section is the most important part of your annotation. It should make up approximately 50% of your discussion.

6. An assessment of the usefulness of the source for your research. Here you should consider what insight your chosen source offers into notions of truth and ways of knowing in your chosen time and place. You might consider whether the source helps you to answer the following questions: Is there a single ‘truth’ or world view for this community? Or, are there many contested ‘truths’? What aspects of the place and time constrain or otherwise colour ideas of ‘truth’ and ‘ways of knowing’?

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