Freedom of Speech emphasis: movie review

Film Paper Review: View and analyze one of the following films: Inherit the Wind directed by Stanley Kramer, The People vs Larry Flynt directed by Milos Forman, Dirty Pictures directed by Frank Pierson, or Shut up and Sing directed by Cecilia Peck and Barbara Kopple.
Applying what you have learned to date, the paper should address the following:
1. Describe the speech at issue in the film.
2. Compare and contrast the arguments which support the protection of the speech with the arguments which support the suppression or punishment of the speech.  With which arguments do you agree? Why?
3. Explain how the courts would have interpreted the speech at issue in the film during at least one of the following time periods in the United States history: (i) the colonial era, (ii) the years surrounding and including World War 1, (iii) the late 1960s.
4. Describe how you would rate the dramatization of the speech issues in the film and detail at least one way you would have directed the film differently.

The textbook used in this class is Freedom of Speech in America, 6th edition, by Tedford and Herbeck.  Using specific case studies/ rules (think The Roth Test, Hinklin Rule, etc.) to back up your points is a must.  Basically this class is all about freedom of speech and how it has been changed throughout history.  Key topics throughout the semester are things like: seditious speech, libel and slander, pornography and obscenity, commercial speech and advertising, symbolic speech, blasphemy, defamation, and hate speech.

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