From the perspectives of organizational theory and case studies, compare and contrast classical to contemporary approaches and demonstrate any common progressions of development and relevancy to change of societal environment.

Assignment #1:
(minimum of 5 complete pages in length)
Compare and contrast classical organizational theory to contemporary organizational theory
Demonstrate any common progressions of development and any societal/environmental factors relevant to development.

Written research assignments must:
Include a minimum of five resources (books, periodicals, and journals)
Resources must be used to support the research, analysis, and any conclusions presented by the student
Include appropriate citation for all sources.
American Psychological Association (APA) style;

Include a bibliography/works cited.
Follow the following format:
Typed in Microsoft Word

Double spaced with one-inch margins (please indent the first line of all paragraphs)

Running page header including student name and page #

Use of section headings/subheadings within paper

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