In a well-developed essay (a minimum of 6 pages or1500 words), write a paper in which the word “geek” or “nerd” is defined.  Following the Logical Fallacy Outline, identify the main logical fallacy in any definition of the word or several logical fallacies.  A formal definition of the word will be needed in order to complete this assignment, so the paper will have at least one work cited. As usual, propose a strong thesis, offer evidence that supports that thesis, and reach a firm conclusion.  An alternative assignment would be to analyze further the logical fallacies presented in the article “America Needs Its Nerds” and the responses to the article.  Again, follow the Logical Fallacy Outline to write the paper.

The essay should be typed with a standard font (12 point Times New Roman) in black ink and should be double-spaced, with standard one-inch margins on standard computer (20 lb.) paper (8½” x 11”).  Avoid script or other fancy fonts and Italics.  Be sure that your printed pages are clear and legible.

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