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Genetically Modified Organisms - Accurate Essays

Genetically Modified Organisms

Economic issue
a. GMO production has proven to be a great threat to the local companies.
1. GMOs used to produce sugar products e.g. chocolate, vanilla etc.
i. Local companies see this as a competitive approach.
b. Production of GMF has a negative effect on human health.
c. Patents for Profits
d. Consumer Costs
e. Regulatory Laws
f. Biotechnology Companies and Domination of the Food Industry
IV. Cultural considerations – Mark Boland
a. Most of the food in United States of America comes from GMOs.
1. Many citizens are not aware of this.
i. Awareness of GMOs leads to paying more to non-GMO food.
ii. Developing countries are not aware of the technology.
a. Countries take advantage of exporting GMO products to these countries(Antoniou, Robinson, & Fagan, 2012).

Here is what the assignment entails:

"Each member of the team will assemble at least 5 scholarly, academic references that will be used to write the paper (refer to Week 1’s tutorial on Scholarly References). Each student will list his/her references using APA format, and provide a brief explanation of each resource indicating how that resource will be used. The focus should be upon the student’s specific research assignment. An approximate length of this bibliography is between 2 – 3 pages.

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