Global Journalism

The aim of this assignment is to allow you to critically review and evaluate examples of news and/or features in relation to some of the theories and concepts that you have learnt about so far on all your modules. Compare, analyse and evaluate the way in which a tabloid and a broadsheet newspaper on the same day communicate their content.  You can examine a single news item or a number of stories, but make sure to take into account the use, choice and placement of common news elements such as headlines, pictures, text, type, etc. Do not simply describe what you see. Examine what is notable, special, interesting or important about the topic. In particular pay attention to factors contributing to different forms of storytelling by two newspapers:

  • To whom are these different newspapers addressed
  • Their organizational structure/ownership/history/politics
  • How does one journalism differ from other journalism
  • What are the differences in narratives and perspectives
  • Who are the main sources and why
  • What your chosen cases reveal about their news values
  • What their style of reporting, values, sources, etc tell us about their role in democratic process
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