Globalization Communities

Paper #2: Research-Based Position Paper on Global Communities
ENGL 1133
Length Requirement: The paper should be at least 2,000 words and should not exceed 2,600 words.  (One double-spaced page of 12-point Times New Roman font is about 300 words.)  The paper must be formatted according to APA guidelines and include a references page (but no abstract).
Assignment Description: Your task is to write a well-developed research paper on a contemporary issue regarding globalization and its effects. The paper should be a work of critical analysis, meaning that it should formulate an original and compelling argument about the subject matter and should support that argument with relevant evidence and sound reasoning.  In order to do this, the paper must focus on a specific topic (e.g., globalization and low-wage labor) and an even more specific issue (e.g., inhabitants of developing countries are often forced off of their traditional lands and left to compete for low-wage industrial jobs).  Keep in mind that you may use popular source material to identify a topic area but you will need to begin doing scholarly research in order to define a good, specific issue.
Source Requirements: The paper must reference at least six sources, and at least four of them must be academic sources.
Rhetorical Situation:  You are writing to scholars within a particular field of study of your own choosing.  Your goal is to make an original and compelling contribution to the discussion of a particular issue within that field of study.  The argument that you formulate should be situated in relation to arguments put forth by other scholars within the field.
Paper Structure: The paper should follow a simple-to-complex pattern of development (see “Paper Structure in Academic Writing” on pp. 122-28).  Use the following guidelines to structure your paper:
I.    I.    Introduction: Your introduction should consist of one or two substantial paragraphs that adequately define the issue, establish the importance of the issue, and set up the thesis statement.  The thesis statement should give your reader a clear sense of what your argument will be.
II.    II.    Body: Following the simple-to-complex model, your body paragraphs should develop supporting claims that build off of each other in ways that contribute to the development of the paper’s larger argument.  Within the body of the paper, you should demonstrate the ability to use sources effectively, respond to opposing viewpoints, and use relevant evidence to support your arguments.
III.    III.    Conclusion:  Your conclusion should consist of one or two substantial paragraphs that explain the paper’s fully developed argument and reflect on the implications of that argument for the paper’s audience: scholars within a particular field of study.
Style and Tone: This paper requires you to work closely with multiple sources, which means that you will need to use signal phrases and in-text citation consistently and properly (accordingly to APA guidelines) in order to effectively manage your source material without allowing it to overpower your own voice.  In describing and responding critically to your source material, you will need to maintain a scholarly tone (objective and respectful) and avoid unintentional plagiarism.

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