Gods Bit of Woods

This is basically a critical reasoning paper.  In short, you are being asked to explain what historical
“lessons” about European Imperialism in Africa that you can find in the pages of this story.  Treat the book as a primary document to be critically examined.  As it is the key to the entire project you will be expected to have read the entire book and at some point may be questioned about the plot.  Do not write a literary analysis or a narration of the story.  Stick to analyzing the tale itself and do not use secondary source material, even from the front (non-story) sections of the book itself.  Such use completely contradicts the entire purpose of the assignment and will result in a failing grade.
2) Pre-colonial African society was traditionally very patriarchal, and male-dominated.  How did the incursion of a technological, capitalist market economy and the subsequent railroad strike against it seem to have effected gender relations?  Was the status of women altered in any ways?

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