Good father movie

After, reviewing chapters 4 and 5. Rent the movie “Godfather Part 1” and make linkages to the text.  While this classic award winning film has a very interesting story it revolves around family business.  Many issues arise within the movie that directly relate to topics covered in the text.  Typically students find this exercise very rewarding and it is a great way to apply textual material to a given situation in a less rigorous manner.

Answer the following question:

How might some of the issues discussed in class, discussion board, and the text (especially Chapters 5 and 6) be related to the movie?

List and describe as many linkages as possible.  Provide reference to text (page numbers), assignments, or discussion board (specific threads) when making each linkage.  Also number each linkage and begin each linkage with a new paragraph.


I recommend that, as you watch this classic movie, you watch it from a family business perspective. Try to focus on the business driving the sequence of events rather than the events themselves

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