Google’s Strategy in 2009

This paper must address major problems and issues of the Google organization analyzed in the provided case study (Google Strategy in 2009) . You will assume the role of a professional manager writing to an audience of other practicing managers. The in-depth analysis report to management will need to go through the entire process of identifying (or diagnosing), evaluating, and recommending areas for the case organization. Well-supported recommendations are required in the report. Be sure to "think strategically" to evaluate the organization’s situation from the perspective of its competitiveness and performance prospects, and to draw sound conclusions about what actions a company’s management needs to take in light of all the relevant circumstances. The report will need to demonstrate an understanding of the reading assignment.

The paper must address each of the following areas below for the case study organization and must have an introductory paragraph and a succinct thesis and must conclude with a restatement of thesis and conclusion paragrah:
Diagnose the companysituation
Size-up what problems/issues need to be addressed
Decide what analysis to conduct to probe the identified problems and issues
Make use of the appropriate core concepts and analytical tools in the text chapters to thoroughly describe the ins and outs of the company situation
Evaluate the pros and cons of various action alternatives
Set forth a practical, workable set of action recommendations (that are within the firm’s financial means and resource capabilities)
The paper is to have at least five professional resources (other than text or case materials) including a minimum of two scholarly sources from an Online Library (such as Proquest, ebrary, WorldCat, EBSCOHost, Credo, World Book Online, etc..)

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