Health Care Bill and Impact on the Community

Health Care Bill and Impact on the Community

. 510 FDA Food Safety Modernization


1) Write about the bill above, and how it will have an impact on healthcare or a specific community or population of clients/patients.

2) Clearly and accurately link the topic to course material and content, including reference materials.

3) In your review and analysis of the bill or legislation, include the following points for discussion:
a) What is the purpose of the proposed bill or legislation;
b) What are the key points about the proposal;
c) Summarize and connect the main points of the proposal;
d) Discuss and provide a conclusion about how this might impact or affect the healthcare system or clients/patients;
e) What is your position on the proposal and support your position with documentation.

4) Display the analysis in a way that is understandable to the reader and depicts the issues.

5) Summarize the key points and discuss any next steps.

6) Use APA style guidelines, including an introduction, a conclusion and a title page. Cite in text and in the References section. Maintain word restriction of 500-750.

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