Health Information Technology Security

Purpose:The purpose of this research project is to engage you in an examination of an issue/problem related to Health Information Technology

Length: Ten – twelve pages, excluding Works Cited/References page. Follow MLA or APA guidelines for manuscript format (cover page-for APA, headings, and pagination) and documentation (in-text citations and Works Cited/References page. Include information from a minimum of ten credible sources (associations, universities, government agencies, professional journals, credible websites, experts in the field, etc.).

Format:Follow MLA or APA for first page/title page, pagination, double-spacing and documentation (in-text citations and Works Cited/References page.).

Organize your draft and final draft into the following three sections:

I Introduction: Background and Definition of the Issue [Include this sub-heading.] – one -two pages.

Include adequate research here. Remember, your audience is your English professor, not an expert in your field, so define technical terms and omit jargon. Clearly define the issue, discuss when and why the issue surfaced, and explain how long it has been a concern in Information Technology

II Past and Current Efforts to Deal with the Issue [Include this sub-heading.]  – seven -nine pages.

Include the bulk of your research here. Explain the previous and current efforts of theorists and practitioners in your field, and what results these efforts are having. For example, is the issue being resolved or becoming more complex? Explain what has already/is being done to address the issue; for example, legislation, studies, clinical research, technological innovations, etc.

III Resolution [Include this sub-heading] – one – two pages.

This is an explanation of which of the current efforts (from Section II) you support and why. If you feel that none of the current efforts is going to resolve the issue, explain what steps you feel would lead to a resolution.


Since this assignment has the basic characteristics of a report, consider including charts or other graphics in your paper, as appropriate. Edit your paper carefully for the conventions of Standard American Written English (grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.).

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