Health Methods for Bipolar Disorder

In this Final Project you will utilize evidence-based medicine to evaluate the most effective treatment protocols, best practices, and the treatment outcomes for a disease/condition in medicine from the perspective of the three following models of care covered throughout this program:

Conventional medicine
Complementary and alternative Health therapies
Integrative medicine

In Week Five, you will finalize your Final Project and conclude best practice from your evaluation of the literature.  A list of pre-approved chronic diseases/conditions has been provided for you below:

Bipolar Disorder

The Final Project is comprised of both a Final Paper and a Final Presentation.  The Final Paper is intended for an academic audience while your Final Presentation is to highlight your research and present the findings.  Depending on your findings, you will recommend either new clinical standards in the treatment of a disease/condition or you will provide updates and strengthen current clinical standards. Utilize a variety of peer-reviewed resources available to you from the academic, research, scientific, and clinical journals.

Final Paper

The Final Paper will be organized around a central thesis that will evaluate all evidence from all of the overarching models of care for the purpose of determining best practices for a specific disease /condition.

You must submit an eight- to twelve-page paper that is formatted in accordance to APA style as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center. The following outline is recommended for your Final Paper:

Abstract/Introduction (three pages)
Succinct thesis statement that presents the topic of the Final Paper.
Define the disease/condition by the conventional model and describe in detail how the disease/condition is diagnosed. In addition, include statistical data for the disease/condition (i.e., incidence/prevalence, trends, morbidity, and mortality).
Select a CAH system and describe the disease topic as it is defined by the CAH system you have chosen to highlight in this paper.
Alternatively, support a different definition/view and/or diagnosis for the disease/condition (e.g., how the condition would be defined by traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine).

Evidence-Based Medicine  (four to seven pages)

Summarize the standard best practices, according to evidence based medicine, of the treatment for the disease/condition you have selected from the perspective of:
The conventional medical model of care
The CAH system you have chosen in your introduction
The integrative model of care
Compare and contrast all above systems of care for best treatment outcomes

Conclusion (two pages)
Design a clinical model that integrates your critical evaluation for best practices in medicine.
Conclude your paper with your critical evaluation of the best approach to the treatment of the disease/condition based on the evidence and clinical outcomes.

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