Assume that you are a consultant who has been asked by the CIO of a brand new medical training facility to present a 10-15 PowerPoint presentation. The new training campus opens up in 6 months and will be called the Bay Area Medical Education Campus (BAMEC). The presentationis a for a proposed network acquisition and implementation plan for a campus environment thatwill support 500 faculty & staff members, and an average student load of, 4500 students. There will be an estimated 5,000 computers in this healthcare campus, connected to their local sever room. The new BAMEC will have its own LAN, Wireless Network for instructors, staff and students, and its own Data Center. Ensure you also cover topics such as internet connectivity, intranet connectivity, safeguarding of patient records, and HIPAA Security compliance in thisproposed network. (Research the HIPAA Security Rule on the internet). The CIO wants to share this plan with the executive team, so he is also asking to make it a bit more business-like in language, than highly technical, showing the planning methodology. As a network consultant, your presentation must show they key aspects of this 6 month plan, i.e. major planning phases, acquisition options (RFI/RFP), requirements, implementation, and other related phases.



  • Could you please write the paper¬† by showing the points that I should use them in making the presentation.
  • I want this book to be one of the references or the only reference:

Business Data Communications, 7h Edition, by William Stallings

You can read the ebook version from my account on :


Password: 1qaz2wsx

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