Week 1 Tasks

Select one of the following as your department/issue.

  • Surgery Unit: The surgery unit is consistently starting surgery late, which is causing delays in all subsequent procedures.
  • Environmental Services: It is taking an excessive amount of time to prepare an inpatient room after a patient is discharged so that it is ready to receive a new patient.
  • Billing: Payment for invoices from supply vendors are consistently being processed 90 days late.
  • Emergency Department: Patient waiting time for emergency services is not acceptable.

Create a two-page paper which includes the following sections:

Department, Staff, and Facility Analysis (two paragraphs)

  • Background information about your department or unit. Include what occurs there, typical hours, and other facts that are relevant and that will help the CEO understand the problem.
  • A list of staff who are involved in the services provided and their responsibilities.
  • Possible ramifications of the problem within and external to the department.


  • Include a list of five preliminary references that can be used for the final project. The references should be in the correct APA style.



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