Manchukuo, “reverse course,” 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Korean War, Vietminh, Great Leap Forward
In answering identifications, you are expected to identify the person, event, or concept as completely as possible given course materials as well as assess the significance of that person, event, or concept for the course of East Asian history. In other words, your answers should explain the who, what, when, where, how, and why questions pertinent to each term in the context of East Asian history. All of the listed terms appear either in the assigned readings and/or lectures.

Essay questions:
(Each essay question I need at least two pages.)
?1. Compare and contrast the economic and political developments in East Asian capitalist societies since the 1960s.
?2. Compare and contrast the various reform efforts apparent in East Asian socialist societies since the 1960s.
In answering essay questions, you should not simply reproduce facts and events—a practice sometimes referred to as a ‘narrative’ answer—but should instead organize an analytical answer, constructing a logical argument about the material. Facts and events will be part of such an answer, but they should be included only as relevant to the argument. I encourage you to incorporate relevant insights from primary documents in your answers, but be careful not to stretch the connections.

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