Read the book: Married to a Daughter of the Land
author by: Maria Raquel Casas
Has to be 4 pages
1 source=the book
Do not use outside sources, Only the book.
Must be an analysis rather than a summary
Do not use opinion (avoid “I” & “MY”)

First detail the purpose of the book.
– What is it meant to portray?
– What is the point?

Then provide 3 important examples from the text which support the purpse.
– Quotations or paraphrase (quotes should be kept short 1-2 sentences)
– Then, in your own words, show why these examples matter.

Finally, detail why this book provides (or perhaps does not provide) an illustrative portrayal of a particular period in California’s history.
– Is there more to this period?
– What does the author portray, and does he/she leave something vital out of his/her argument?

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