1. Most of the grading will be based on how you argue your main thesis. Make sure you use specific examples to back up your argument.
2. You must reach the minimum length. The penalty for less than three full pages will be 1-10%.
3. Include a complete Works Cited page. No WC page will cost 10% If there is difficulty locating a source, the penalty will be 1-10%. If you use an interview, look in the handbook for the proper listing.
4. You must cite any information or quotes. When citing, remember to include a page number. Missing or incorrect citations will cost 1-10%.

possible problems:
Make sure you answer the main question. How is the landmark historically significant?
. As with the presentation, try to avoid being too broad. For example, Independence Hall has housed the Liberty Bell, hosted both the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, and served as the State House of Pennsylvania. If you do this landmark, pick one of these reasons and explore it fully.

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