Holocaust Museum Review Questions

Guest Curator Questions – Pretend that you are in charge of the museum exhibits and answer the following:


1. What would you do differently as a guest curator?

2. Would there a bias that needs to be addressed?

3. Whose historical perspective was presented? Was anyone’s voice left out? (women, slaves, etc.)

4. What would the intended audience be for a Holocaust Museum? (Average visitors, children, experts, etc.)

5. Would the Holocaust museum be interactive? If so, how?

6. What was the most effective or compelling part of the museum?

7. If you took a tour, what would be beneficial to your overall visit experience?

8. Pretend you would observe other visitors – what would you notice? Would they seem to be enjoying themselves?



Student Questions – Answer the following based on what has been history.


1. How does the history presented in a Holocaust museum fit within the context of US history?

2. How is it different to learn history from a museum as compared to reading it from a book?

3. In conclusion, would you enjoy your visit? Why or why not? Would you recommend this museum to others?

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