How capital fuels economic expansion

Additional information from facilitator provided as attachment.

Answer the following questions:

o  Describe the economic issue.
o  Why is it important?
o  Which principles of economics apply? Choose from each of the areas: decision making, interaction, and how the economy works.
o  How do the forces of supply impact the issue?
o  How do the forces of demand impact the issue?
o  How does elasticity apply to the issue? If appropriate, include a calculation for elasticity.
o  Use graphical representations of economic concepts like supply and demand curves, equilibrium, elasticity, and cost curves to support your conclusion.
o  Which theories of economics apply (for example, theory of consumer choice, theory of the firm)?
o  How does the issue relate to the economic topics discussed in the text or class? For example, do any of these concepts apply to the issue: efficiency of markets, costs of taxation, benefits of international trade, government interventions, competitive markets, features of labor markets, macroeconomics data, monetary system, and economic fluctuations?
o  What are your conclusions or suggestions to improve the situation?

The following grading rubric must be followed:

Compliance with Project Requirements and Objectives – All requirements are followed and project objectives are met. Work is labeled and well-organized.
Accuracy – All explanations, descriptions, quantitative values, and graphical representations are accurate within the constructs of economic theory.
Economic Theory Concepts: Application and Analysis    The application and analysis of economic theory  concepts is especially skillful.
Conventions and Writing Style – Language is especially clear and concise and follows the conventions of Standard Written English, as well as West Writing Style Handbook guidelines when appropriate.

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