How is the internet changing journalism

How is the internet changing journalism (you need to consider several examples and include both mainstream and alternative forms of journalism)?            (Hendon students only: you can use Mariam Kauser’s online newspaper as an example and you can incorporate reflection on how the fact that it is online affected you practice as a journalist).
Please note that when writing the essay you must:
•    make sure you include references to media/journalism studies work
•    Show evidence of research over and above the contents of the module reader
•    Include examples from journalistic texts
•    Never include your notes from lectures as a reference: these are there to help you think and cannot be cited as such.
Your essay, which should be no more than 1,500 words in length, will discuss a specific aspect of contemporary journalism, will be based on proper academic research and will conform to standard criteria for academic work. A list of topics is provided as part of this handbook, below. Part of this assessment will consist of a peer-reviewed presentation completed in class during the second semester (this involves explaining in class to a group of your peers how you intend to research and structure your essay).

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