How the world started changing in 1493

The book is “1493”

It must be discussed on either Part 1,2,3, or 4


Regarding 1493, which most of you have begun reading, focus your commentary on how this pivotal transition in world history affected the “big picture” – how was it a game changer? Write about Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Part 4 – not all of them.


As you reflect on how the “modern” world came about during the Renaissance, and peruse the 1493 book, here is what I would like you to consider: The world changed following 1492. Prior to the rise of European, what we now call Europe was actually somewhat of backwater in terms of development: China was more advanced (as attested by Marco Polo’s writings’s on Mongol China) and the Islamic world had contributed mightily to the development of the arts and sciences. So, what changed? What was going on the world, and what was the world’s contribution to the rise of the West? Whichever section of the book you choose to comment on in your essay, ask yourselves: Did the rise of the modern West and its domination of the world through maritime commerce and conquest happen in a vaccuum, or was it part of a larger global transformation? What do we owe the non-Western world?

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