How to raise the profile and develop a technical industrial testing laboratory’s scope of service?

The research paper must cover all technical aspects of a testing industrial laboratory. It should address a brief summary for setting new testing laboratory in general and a detailed explanation for developing > 30 years old laboratory.

Research Title:

How to raise the profile and develop a technical industrial laboratory’s scope of service?


1. To raise the profile highlight the technical laboratory’s position in the company.
2. To upgrade staff and increase manpower. (1 analyst) minimum.

This research paper should include the followings:

1. Research proposal (strong and convincing).
2. Service development principles, guidelines, and recommendations for improvement.
a. A modifiable customer survey analysis sample.
3. Standards, certifications and locally or internationally recognized accreditation needed (i.e.) the ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 laboratory management standard.
4. The need for automation.
5. Re-structuring guidelines and needs.
6. The shift from industrial to partially industrial commercial laboratory providing technical services as well as income to the organization such as the following ideas:

6.1. Step forward to obtain ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 accreditation.
a. Technical & general requirements.
b. Implement 20% of requirements before obtaining the accreditation.
6.2. Shift to automation (List of major lab equipment with description).

For example:
a. Inductively Coupled Plasma ICP.
b. Ion Chromatography IC (Anions and Cation columns).
c. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy NMR.
d. Others.

Please search EPA website for latest approved lab and online analyzers.

6.3. Generating income from within the organization (from internal customer) Non-routine analysis.
a. Keep cash circulation within company.
b. Divert samples sent to external labs for especial analysis to internal lab after automation.
6.4. Cost reduction, cash conservation and cash generation.
6.5. Initiate internal marketing and communication tools to raise the lab profile.

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