Human Resource Management

as per attached sheet

Human Resource Management

Assignment 1


  1. Please state the eight most important Human Resource Management practices.







  1. What are the major differences between personnel management and human resource management?






  1. Please state at least five of the most important Total Quality Management core values.








  1. How do Mergers and Acquisitions affect the practice of Human Resource Management?








  1. How does the aging of our society affect the Human Resource Management practice?





Human Resource Management

Assignment 1


  1. Why do knowledgeable workers are in a position of power?






  1. How would you relate the relationship between horizontal development, vertical development, and management and the frontline in an organization?






  1. Please discuss the human resource management philosophy for the organization of industrial revolution and contemporary organization.






  1. Please discuss the nature of job descriptions, job specification and the relationship between the two. Please also give example to explain.






  1. Ideally, organization and manager should treat human resource as one of the most important and valuable asset for the company. Please discuss the underlying reasons why employees’ needs are widely and usually neglected?





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