Human Resource Management Orhanizational Project: Diagnosis

Detail: Every week, the HR division has a virtual team meeting, where you discuss both specific and general issues relating to CF&F. The focus this week is team and interpersonal skills.
Use the Discussion Board to post your thoughts on various interpersonal skills and team techniques and explain how they fit into the organization development program. Specifically, address the following:

Organizations are committed to building cohesion into their teams. What interpersonal skills are required to build this cohesion? Why are these skills important
Organizations are moving towards a team environment. What is the purpose for developing teams within the organization and how can teams help create cohesion between management and employees?
Teams sometimes need intervention. Give an example of a team building intervention you participated in and what was the goal of that intervention. What are the goals of most team development interventions?

Objective: Discuss the way that various interpersonal and team techniques fit into an organization development program.

Discusses the topic in detail Initial post and contains 350 – 500 words.


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