I don’t know how to explain the topic ,but please look my essay’s prompt in order to figure out what is that!!~

Write a 5-7 page essay on one of the following prompts. Please abide by the format requirements below. Your essays are due in the Communication Department office by Monday, June 7th at 2:30 p.m. You must submit an electronic copy of your final exam to Turnitin.com before 5 p.m. on the same day. NO LATE EXAMS WILL BE ACCEPTED
So Here is the Question that you have to follow and answers in an essay format. In this essay, Professor said that, we have to use all the in class materials and not any outside resources , that is mean include internet resources, so please don’t copy or quote any resources from outside, but you can only watch one video that from the internet and write about it, because this video is professor’s requirement and it can link to the reading that you have to read later in order to do my paper, but other than that you cannot get any resources from outside. I will send you the link of the video later as well. This time, my essay has to be include at least 6-7 readings that i which i will send it to u later, please read it carefully with your well understanding and well analyze of the readings that i send it to you, because you will have to use all the concept and ideas from the reading that u have read to finished my essay. And please remember to read it carefully and have a really well understanding of the article before you write my essay, otherwise i will get a very low grade which i doesn’t want it. And because last time i pay you guys to do the midterm, but finally i got a C on my midterm which makes me extremely depress and mad. I was so sad for around a month, is killing me to get a C in my midterm, and this time this final it worth 40% of my grade, so please read your best and do your best with all your well analyzing and understanding all the concepts and ideas from the readings then my essay will be done in an A version. ^_^ And last thing, please please don’t try to copy anything that from the internet at all, because my essay is going to turn into a “turn it it .com” and this website can directly check how many percentage that you have copy from the internet and where did you copy those, it will show all the things that i had copy, so the professor will caught me and give me an F right away, so please please don’t try to copy anything that from any websites to use it in my essay, please read all the readings that i will send you later and do my paper.

1.In his call for a radically new notion of power, Michel Foucault says of the individual:
The individual is not to be conceived of as a sort of elementary nucleus, a primitive atom . . . inert material on which power comes to fasten or against which it happens to strike, and in so doing subdues or crushes individuals. In fact, it is already one of the prime effects of power that certain bodies, certain gestures, certain discourse, certain desires, come to be identified and constituted as individuals. The individual, that is, is not the vis- -vis of power; it is, I believe, one of its prime effects (1980:98).
¢ How does this approach to power and the individual diverge from the same concepts within liberalism?
Discuss Foucault notion of power through an examination of identity formation or subject making.
How does the social construction of race, gender, sexuality and class produce particular kinds of subjects?
How are these subjects configured through disciplinary institutions such as the family, schools, factories, militaries, and prisons?
Your answer should focus on at least three of the four categories of subject-making: race, gender, sexuality and class.
In addition to lectures, your essay should draw upon at least six of the following readings: Foucault, Sturken and Cartwright, Bartkey, Meyer, Shapiro, D¡vila, Zilberg, Perez, and Davis, and where relevant, the video clips used in class (Modern Times, Sleep Dealer, Casino Royal, Transamerica, Rock Hudson Home Movies etc.) . Grades: The final is worth 40% of your grade
Citations: While you may quote from the readings, you should select your quotations carefully and use them sparingly. Quotations cannot stand for themselves. You must analyze or explain how they relate to your argument. When paraphrasing rather than quoting the author, you should still cite the author and page numbers.
When referring to or quoting from the readings, please cite the work according to standard citation practices e.g. Hall, 2007 p.18 or Hall in Jhally. For citation styles and practices as set out in the Chicago Manual of Style, see: http://www.bedfordstmartins.com/online/cite7.html. Your essay should also include a References Cited page.
Format Requirements: Your essay must be typed in Times/Times New Roman 12 point font, be double-spaced, and use one- inch margins. Please put your name at the top of each page, number your pages and staple the pages together before turning in your exam.
Plagiarism and other academic misconduct: As a UCSD student you are expected to complete the course in compliance with the instructor’s standards. Furthermore, you shall not engage in any activity that involves attempting to receive a grade by means other than honest effort; for example:
Knowingly procure, provide, or accept any unauthorized material that contains questions or answers to any examination or assignment to be given at a subsequent time;
Complete, in part or in total, any examination or assignment for another person;
Knowingly allow any examination or assignment to be completed, in part or in total, for himself or herself by another person;
Plagiarize or copy the work of another person and submit it as his or her own work;
Employ aids excluded by the instructor in undertaking course work or in completing any exam or assignment;
Submit substantially the same material in more than one course without prior authorization.
Please take the time to review the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship at: www. senate.ucsd.edu/manual/appendices/app2.htm, which details the rules and consequences of violating academic honesty.

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