Icebreaker: Situation analysis


II. BRAND MANAGEMENT TOPIC: Branding is the process of making a wide array of decisions in support of creating the desired positioning of the brand. These decisions include the selection of brand elements, development of commercial messages that are crafted to build awareness and demand for the brand, choices of distribution channels, deployment of promotional and below-the-line programs, and building partnerships with associates.

III. BACKGROUND MATERIALS TO FRAME THE DISCUSSION: Building the Marketing Plan, Driving Message Development, Determining Distribution Objectives & Strategies, and Building Strong Brand Associations

a. Case Focus—Icebreaker is a case that challenges the student to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and it’s positioning in the context of attempting to enter the United States market. Previous attempts to enter the market failed and the first consideration is to review and understand the branding decisions that will be made in support of entry.
b. Reference Material—
i. Textbook Chapters: 5, 6, 7, & 11 on the subjects of Marketing Planning, Integrating Marketing Communications, Leveraging Brand Associations, and Designing and Implementing Branding Architecture Strategies.
ii. Related Articles: “The New Marketing Myopia,” “Creating the Customer-Centric Team: Coordinating Sales and Marketing,” and “The End of Solution Sales.”
iii. Related Cases: “Snapple” and “Red Bull.”
iv. Supplemental source material from student research.

VII. WRITING OBECTIVES: Referencing at least 4 items from the Background Materials as well as 1 supplemental source create a comprehensive situation analysis and develop a clear statement of the critical question of the case.
A. Identify two (2) options to implement a response to your question and cite potential risks and rewards for each option.
B. Provide a brief recommendation for one of your options and cite evidence to support your choice.

VIII. PAPER PARAMETERS: Maximum length of 4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point type, 1” margins top and bottom, 1.25” margins left and right.

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