Infant Observation

General Guidelines for the paper.
*Highlight or Underline text supports.
*12 Point Font
*Double spaced
*Title page:Title of assignment,Name of course(Psych11),instructor’s name(McGrath M T),Students Name(Karrington),Section Number(3093),Hours&Day of class(F11:30-2:35),Date(November 4th 2009).

Format for Infant Observation
(hint think of the paper as a take home essay during which the questions are answered in their exact order)
I.Introductory Paragraph include:*The infant’s age,ethnicity,short physical description, any background information you know.
*Date of Birth,Weight,and Length and birth, Current weight and length,breast feed or bottle feed,natural,medicated or c-section.
*Statement of Confidentiality:”For the purposes of Confidentiality,The name of this infant has been changed to________.”
II.The Body of the paper:
*The topics(use them as a guideline)
*Each topic must be referred to in the exact order in which it appears.use numbers and /or headings to maintain the order of the topics.
*Support Items:The number of support items expected per topic are indicated.
*Support items are based on course content only:the text,lectures,films,group activities.Outside source may not be used.
III.Summary and Impressions:Include the following two paragraphs:
*Summary:What are the infant’s general skills in each domain?
*Impressions:What did you learn about infant development due to this observation?

Infant Observation Topics:
Remember:Describe,Give Examples,Include Support Items.
1.Reaction to People:
*How did the infant react to the adults.
*how did the infant react to other infants.
*was the infant as comfortable with strangers as with their caregiver?Describe what you saw regarding this.
*Include 3 Support Items that relate to the above.
2.Exploration:Describe how the infant explored the environment.
*Discuss whether or not the infant stayed close to the caregiver or ventured into the environment?
*Include 3 Support Items.
*Discuss how this term relates to what you saw as you watched the infants.You may use more than one infant.
*Include 2 support items regarding this term.
4.Body Movement:
*Describe the infant’s ability to move about.
*In terms of physical development,what can be said about the infant?
*Include 2 support items.
*describe whether or not the infant spent time with objects.
*How does the above question relate to Habituation?
*Include 2 support items.
6.Hidden Objects:2 Support Items
*Describe what the infant did when an object was hidden.
*Which theorist discussed the term that relates to the above?
*What in the term?
*This adds to 2 Support Items.
*Describe the infant’s temperament.
*Describe why you think so.
*Include 2 support items
*Describe what the infant was able to communicate
*What, if anything, did the infant say?
*Did the infant Understand Adult Communication?Describe why you feel he did or did not.
*Include 2 support items
No Grammar Errors…or Spelling Errors.

The Infant*
Name Steven,26mo.
BD(birth date):8-11-07
BWT(birth weight):7lb 1oz
BHT(birth height):19″
WT-32lb Ht-un-none
African American,English,Lives with mom,dad and sister Cherrelle 3 1/2
In childcare 5 days/weeks
*Very friendly
*Likes to play but loses interest after a while in a toy and moves on to the next object.
*Does not seem to like to share and tried to take a toy from other child.
*likes to explore and walk around the class room…always on the move can not sit still.
*mother always had to call after him which was funny because then the other children started to learn his name.
*Likes to mess with everything
*He is interested in all the adults…seems curious about them.
*Likes to play alone
*did not play to much with other children
*Loved to play with roll car with mother.
*Picked up ball & threw
likes being chased and play hide and seek.
*Likes to climb on top of things and jump off
*Cry’s when falls and gets hurt but only for a while.
*Wakes up at 7
*Nap at 12:30
*Goes to bed at 9:30
When Talking Likes to say No and I don’t want.
*Seems to love and very interested in cars
*Likes to take over when seeing someone playing with a toy.
*Is a very Happy baby
*Can pick up toy’s/ press button’s/shake toy’s
*Likes to scream and laugh
*Very aware of things when playing games and environment
*Can find physical displacement
*easily distracted
*Plays more with caregiver then children
*Does not like to share
*After caregiver says to stop or to do something he does just that.
*Plays in Trash
Later plays with a child but gets bored and runs off.
* A Very Busy Body
*Try’s to open the cabinet’s in classroom
*Screams,yells speaks well enough to understand but language is not fully developed.
*Everything is his,his,his
* Wanted to play ball with adults (social)
*Burns self out playing then can wake up with the same energy(mom says)
*Likes to throw ball and interact more with the adults.
*not scared of the adults
*fights (a little disagreement) with other child by the name of christian over sharing a chair and over toys
*Likes to meddle with things
*Slides on the ground like a snake.

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