Information Technology

Prepare a Word document in APA format outlining your risk assessment plan for your project. Security Management functions includes identification of organizational objectives, strategies, and policies, as well as determination of organizational security requirements. Discuss the controls and safeguards that are the mechanisms that are put in place by the organization to protect against threats, reduce vulnerabilities and risks, and support organizational objectives. This document should follow a structured approach, and you should use the following outline. The items in BOLD should be your paragraph Headings for your paper. What follows the Headings should be the content of that section of the paper.

SECURITY REQUIREMENTS: Security requirements of the organization.
KEY INDIVIDUALS: The key individuals who should have access to your system.
SECURITY POLICIES: Proposed security polices for your new system and details of any organization security requirements needed.
SECURITY ITEMS: Detailed suggestions of software, hardware, and other security measures required.
BUDGET IMPACT:How will the security costs increase the proposed budget, if at all?



A summary of the Project background

Capstone networking has been tasked with the installation of a Windows operating system. This network will consist of 90 computers, 15 laser printers, and 2 servers allowing members of the organization the ability to share information with one another safely and securely.  During this upgrade we will be improving on an existing network which is in existence within current company walls.  We will be employing a simple LAN which will allow for future networking expansion and upgrades.  We are implementing this network with ease of use in-mind, this will allow for a single IT professional to upgrade and maintain this network on a daily basis.  This design will be simple, secure and dependable.

A summary of the Project goals


Capstone networking employees fully understand goals of our projects are what keep us on track and focused on our ultimate goal of implementation of a productive network.  We at Capstone networking keep goals as our primary focus when working on any network based project.  Our IT department is fully capable of creating a sub net and adding to the already existing network.  Our goals for this project are simple and straightforward, we will ensure that our hardware functional before placing it on the existing network, also full development of our address scheme within the sub net works properly and complete compatibility with the existing network.  These are the long-term goals we have placed at the forefront of our project.  Other goals we will keep in mind while working on this project will be to ensure our timelines and budget are followed strictly, as outlined in all correspondence; we are a goal orientated company. Lastly, insuring all devices, media, and networking tools are inventoried and available before the project begins.  In following our project outline we will ensure that the outline of the project will be followed and strictly in order to ensure that all goals we have placed for ourselves are met.

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