Intellectual property rights

In groups of two, research a contentious international policy issue where changes in IP Law have taken place, or have been demanded. Possible topics are listed below, and should be individually agreed.

Write a common section to your essay of 1500 words:
• Subject formulation: Why is the issue important? History of debate?
• Profile the main interested parties (e.g. various sub-groups of producers, employees, consumers: often trade bodies/associations are a good starting point)

Now take opposing positions on the policy proposal at issue:
• Write each an essay of 1500 words, justifying your research approach and conclusion. You may use doctrinal methods (e.g. analysis of WTO case law), and/or arguments drawn from a review of the academic literature review, including empirical research.

This assignment anticipates some of the research skills and methods you will need in preparing your dissertation. The pre-presentation of your essay research is formative, i.e. it offers an opportunity for constructive feed back. For your presentation, pay attention to structure, clarity and critical distance from your sources.

List of possible topics for assignment (non-exhaustive):
Health, access to medicines
My topic is Health , access to medicines

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