international marketing

Using an international product or company of your choice, select a foreign
market where the product or company does not yet exist and evaluate possible
alternative market entry strategies that could be used. Select the most
appropriate entry strategy and justify your choice.

– you are required to demonstrate an understanding of relevant Models,
Concepts and Theories (MC&Ts) which underpin any international market entry

– The product/service must be new to that country, or it must be a new brand in that

– Critical evaluation of how target market conditions and internal organisational
capabilities and context influence the choice of entry strategies together with a
clear rationale for the chosen strategy.

– Executive Summary
Outline briefly the overall contents of the report, including recommended strategies.
Write this after completing the rest of the essay as this is an important summary of the
whole essay. It should not just be an Introduction; it must stand alone! Bullet points
are acceptable here

– Table of Contents
Preferably generated from within the Word document. This should be helpful to the
reader and not too generic.

– to the chosen company/product/service, with a brief justification as to why this has
been selected (the justification will probably include reference to relevant
secondary data)

– to the target country and market characteristics (including overview of macro
environmental issues) using SLEPT or similar, with a brief justification as to why
this country/ market has been selected (again support with plenty of statistics/data)

– to �Country of Origin� issues (compare theory to likely issues in this specific
instance). So would customers/consumers from that target country view
products/services from the country of origin in a positive light? If not, why not and
what would you need to do to counter any negative opinions?

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