Introduction to Reciprocity Assignment

The view taken on reciprocity by Canadian political personalities has changed significantly since Confederation.

In this assignment, you will envisage a dialogue between Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, and the Prime Minister in office today. The conversation will be about reciprocity.

Over the course of the conversation, the two politicians will describe their position on reciprocity. Remember, John A. has been dead for a long time, so the sitting Prime Minister will have to get him up to speed about why attitudes towards free trade may have changed! Also remember that the sitting Prime Minister may not fully understand why Macdonald held the views that he did, so Macdonald will need to explain that in detail, as well.

This dialogue may be submitted in a number of ways:

-As a script for a stage or screen play
-As a short story
-As a transcript for a talk show, where Macdonald and the current PM are both guests
-As an acted dialogue, submitted as a sound file (as in a radio show) or a video file.

In this case, check with your teacher as to how to go about doing this
There is no minimum or maximum length, but you are expected to cover the expectations as thoroughly as possible. Don’t worry too much if the conversation seems a little “strained”, but at the same time, do try to imagine how such a conversation might actually take place.

Ensure that you properly cite all references used. (As you will likely encounter several different referencing styles should you go into post-secondary education, you are welcome to use the referencing style of your choice, so long as it one of the major accepted styles. ie. MLA, APA, Vancouver or Chicago.)

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