Iphone 3G

The 3G Iphone

Have you ever thought of the number of taps and keystrokes that are involved in downloading a single song or picture from your ordinary phone? Once you start the count, you are likely to exceed the number 30, that being on the lower side. In connection to that, what is the number one desire that adults express regarding their ideal phone? Simplicity in access! Access of the phone book, of the emails and entirely any content that one would want to send from their phones (Jurick D. & Stolarz 2009). On the other hand, would there be any relief associated with having a phone that can integrate the functions of a PDA and any function of a smart phone? A prudent answer is yes, there is plenty of relief to a person if they were to say bye to their PDA in the embrace of a phone technology that has the ability to run the best contact and appointment soft ware (Jurick D. & Stolarz 2009).

The answered to the above questions are contained in the state of the art of mobile technology that is possessed by the Iphone 3G. For starters, there is unlimited web browsing capability in that unlike the other smart phones that are in the market the Iphone is able to get into web sites directly, no more being limited to special pages for mobile phones. In fact, access is not the primary issue when mentioned in context of the Iphone. The question is speed and for the Iphone 3G, twice is the key word, twice the speed that the earlier Iphone possessed is the speed that the Iphone 3G have. If that does not provoke desire, how about the voice recognition that will enable one to speak commands to the phone. This is true not fiction in that if you want a particular song played all you have to do is ask (Apple Inc 2009).

Arguably, that 3G Iphone is the greatest improvement in user interface control since the mouse. The large screen coupled with distinct multi-touch finger touch ability ensures that the user is in absolute control in the easiest way possible. The advantage of finger touch is the reduced key strokes that are involved in the execution of a particular command like the download of music. This coupled with the fact that one can be able to cut, paste and copy makes data entry easier. Think about not having to type a URL address but simply copying and pasting. In fact, for the Iphone the download can take as easy as five strokes (Apple Inc 2009).

The current world has its beauty capture in multi-media applications and no doubt without the possession of such an application one misses out. The Iphone has the ability to capture motion pictures in finer quality resolutions and in addition gives the option of editing them. The circulation is made easier for there is the ability to cut and paste the photos and the videos in the middle of texts (Apple Inc 2009). There is no better smart phone when it comes to the display of videos and music than the Iphone; it is just a matter of fact. The large screen that has high-resolution ability makes it second to none. The best thing about this feature is the easy illustration (Goldstein 2010).

The 3G Iphone offers the widest compatibility in respect to mobile phone and computer applications than any other smart phone. there is a wide spectrum of software choice that can be run on the 3G Iphone inform of games data handling and media players. The rational consumer would expect an exuberant pricing in relation to such an application. However, what is more surprising and conspicuous for that matter is the low price that a 3G Iphone model is offered. The price varies with the memory that the Iphone contains. Of course, all this benefits in mobile phone technology will remain inaccessible if a one does not purchase a 3G Iphone. There is simply no excuse for not having the greatest mobile technology in smart phones working for you with prices as low as 98 dollars.



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