Is Child Obesity a Reflection of Parental Negligence?

Step 1 –Selection of Research Question and Overview of Project – final:  submit a revised and final statement of the research question/problem that will be the focus of the group’s research study.  Statement of the Problem: the statement of the problem that will be the focus of the research study. )
Step 2 – Literature Review with list of references: attached to the revised statement of the problem, submit a literature review with list references to be included in the final version. Follow the referencing format in the APA publication manual.  The number of articles you review should be sufficient to give you a thorough understanding of the topic. A reasonable range would be 15 to 30 sources/references.)
Step 3 – Methods Section (including measurement instruments if appropriate): Submit a draft of the method section (with a draft of proposed tables, appendices, etc.).  Submit a copy of the measurement instrument(s), including a demographic questionnaire for use with participants in your study.
Step 4 –Abstract – Submit Abstract of your study as would appear if you were publishing it in a journal.
Step 5 – Full synthesized research paper including: Statement of the problem, literature review and hypotheses, methods, anticipated results & discussion based on anticipated results.  Submit the final copy of the entire research report to the drop-box with a back-up copy to the professor’s AOL email account.  You MUST submit the final paper electronically (in Microsoft Word/Word Perfect/Open Office format) and post a short descriptive PPT in the discussion forum for your peers to tell them about your study.

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