Is Global Warming a moral issue? (Using Al Gore’s presentation/movie)

The first words of this essay must contain the “thesis”. Have a clear and unambiguous thesis.Defend your thesis with argument…notice that I have put in parenthesis authors that pertain to the essay questions…you should be familiar with what they said relative to the question.Correlate your response with the authors AND include reasoning from one or more of the three main moral theories: Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics and Virtue Ethics.In other words, your thesis is your point of view correlated with the reading assignments and the moral theories we have discussed.Also it is important to have a rebuttal component.This is a place in your essay where you give consideration to the counter-argument to your thesis and show why this objection should not negate what you are advocating.

Note: You do not have to include reasoning from all of the moral theories…select that moral theory that you might feel works best to support your thesis…make sure you understand the moral theory and ensure that your application to you thesis is sound. Additionally, you are not limited to only mentioning one theory. Use the moral theories in ways that you feel are applicable in your thesis defense.

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