Issue on Healthcare

Issue 4: Health Care in America; Health Care Around the World
Writing Assignment Due: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Please prepare answers to the following questions. Your answers should be typed, doublespaced, and organized into well-written short essays. Your essays should be competed in no more than five pages. In order to receive full credit, this assignment is due in class on Wednesday, April 10, 2013. You must submit a hard copy of your essays. Electronic copies will not be considered for credit. Late assignments will be penalized one full letter grade per week.

Answer this questions. One page cite from articles attached.

1) Reid writes: “In other advanced democracies…there’s no debate. All of them recognize the right to ‘health care for all’ as a moral obligation.” Can this core value and belief of other advanced democracies be applied to American political culture? Why or why not?

Also, here are the web links for the necessary reading materials:

1. “No Country for Sick Men” by T.R. Reid

2. “Why Switzerland Has the World’s Best Health Care System” by Avik Roy

3. “Economic Security: A Human Right” by Cass Sunstein

4. “Is Capitalism Moral” by Steven Perlstein

5. “11 Facts About the Affordable Care Act” by Ezra Klein

6. “A Four-Step Health Care Solution” by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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