Issue paper

Paper instructions:

Please make sure you have access to the chapters below before placing a bid. Please read the instruction carefully and present 3 issues which we will choose one for the paper. APA 6th edition only. Thnak u. Will post hight lighted instruction after the bid. Follow rubric strictly.
Read Chapters 7 & 8 in Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee (2012). The sample paper in text is a guide.

Strictly APA by the publication manual of the American psychological association 6th edition second practice. Write in Third person only. Special attention to the reference page, title page Verb/noun agreement. Grammar is big. Masters level/DNP [doctor of nursing practice. Introduction and conclusions required. Use headings when needed. Thesis statement pivotal, conclusion critical. Write in third person only.

Issues Paper Guidelines

The purpose of the Issues Paper is to allow each student an opportunity to explore a specific health care policy issue, analyze how the healthcare policy affects social, economic, ethical, and political legal areas, and propose policy options and strategies to address the issue (Unit III objectives).
Read Chapters 7 & 8 in Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee (2012). The sample paper in text is a guide. The sample provided will look different from yours as you have different grading criteria. From the sample paper, you cannot use the “do nothing or incremental change” options.
It will be important to select the issue as soon as possible to allow adequate time for literature review. You can use resources from the textbook, legislative bills, web-based materials, and current journals. When you write your paper, follow the grading guidelines. Each student is to submit a paper (no group work).
The paper should be carefully written in a formal style, adhere to the most recent APA guidelines, be based on primary sources, and provide an integration of ideas. Organized flow, logical progression of ideas, and clarity in thought are essential.
Paper should be 8-9 pages in length, excluding the title page, reference page, and appendix. Liberal number of references (minimum of 15 references). You must submit your paper to prior to the due date and merge the originality report (not the receipt) at the end of the Issues paper.
Please note: Up to 20% of points will be deducted from grade for lack of scholarship.
Scholarship Expectations
You are clinical nurse scholars in the making. You are the advanced practice nurses and members of the highly literate profession of advanced practice nurses who will chart the future of health care. Good writing ability is as much a required skill for nursing in advanced practice as performing clinical functions. Therefore, precision and scholarship is expected in all assignments.
Organized and logical progression of idea; effort and attention to detail is evident; communicates effectively in all aspects of discussion. Correct grammar, spelling, and word choice. Liberal number of references. References are current. Appropriately paraphrased, and acknowledged. Correct use of APA. Correct title page use.
Grading Rubric: Issue Paper
Introductory paragraph (one paragraph). There must be a thesis statement that tells the reader purpose of paper and what will be discussed.
Problem Identification/Policy Problem
Background (local, state, regional and national perspectives with statistics, facts, figures, monetary issues)
*Social Factors (2 points) why is this a problem? who are those involved? how impacted?
*Economic Factors (2 points) how much does it cost? Use specific $, %. #, etc.
*Ethical Factors (2 points) be sure to address ethical principles being violated – Cardinal bioethical principles are autonomy, distributive justice, nonmaleficence, and Code of Nursing information)
*Political and Legal Factors (2 points) What legislative action has already happened either at the state or national level? What was the impact? What do the different parties have to say about the issue? What is the impact of issue for both the legal and political arenas?
/ 8
Issue Statement (one sentence/question). Focus on issue, rather than a specific policy proposal.
/ 1
Stakeholders. Do not merely list. Must clearly address what “stake” each stakeholder has in the issue.
/ 2
Policy Goals and Objectives (Identify at least 2). You will describe what kind of policy would most benefit the issue you have identified. Think globally for this section.
/ 2
Policy Options and Alternatives (only 2 can be presented). Provide the actual name and number of the 2 bills – must include the reference for each bill in the Reference list of the paper. These are two bills currently in Congress that could benefit the issue you have identified. (  bill currently being discussed in your State Legislature).  They can be two different ways to accomplish your policy goals – but might not be the exact answer to your question. You are looking to see what might be available already, or what changes you might need to ask your legislator to include in the bill the best meet your policy goals.
/ 2
Evaluation of Options. Identify at least 2 options or evaluative criteria and provide rationale for why these criteria are important. Each bill must be evaluated on all evaluative criteria utilizing pro and con statements. Rationales must be provided for each of your statements and there must have references for each pro and con statement for each bill.
/ 4
Results of Analysis & Summary: Discuss the analysis and comparison of the two bills based on the policy goals you identified earlier in the paper. Not based just on the evaluation criteria (which is included in your matrix), but how closely does the recommended bill “fit” your policy objectives. State which policy alternative would be recommended based on the analysis.

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