Issues report

Search the web for a recent article that interests you and deals with professional, ethical, legal, and social issues related to computers. If you have an area of career interest, look for an article related to that field. Google Sci/Tech News ( is a good place to find an article.

Analyze the article by thinking about, and writing a sentence or two that answers, the following questions:

What is the purpose, goal, or objective of the article?

What is the key issue in the article?

What is the professional issue in the article (how does it relate to a job)?

What is the ethical issue in the article?

What is the legal issue in the article?

What is the social issue in the article?

What information and facts are presented?

What conclusion does the article lead you to?

What assumptions are being made by the author?
What assumptions are you making while reading it?

What implications and consequences could result?

From what social and cultural point of view or perspective is the writer coming?

From what social and cultural point of view are you reading the article?

How might someone see this issue differently than you?

What challenges, responsibilities, or opportunities arise from people having different perspectives of this issue?

Combine your answers to those questions into a short, cohesive report. The report should clearly state and support a main idea. The writing should be well structured and logically organized. The style should be clear and sentences should be complete and grammatically correct with no misspellings.

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