Japan LCD Televisions and the companies that sell them

Tactics:  Promotion

n  What are your promotional objectives?

n  What are your key messages that position your product within the target market?

n  What media is most appropriate for your strategy?

n  What country factors could have an impact on your promotion approach?

n  Tactics:  Distribution

n  How will get products and services to the customers in this country?

n  Who will perform key distribution roles:

–    Selling

–    Warehousing

–    Billing and collections

–    Shipping and Delivery

–    Service and repair

–    Warranty

n  What country factors could have an impact on your distribution approach?

n  Measurement of Results

n  What is the potential impact of this effort on the Host Country?

–    Economic Gains

–    Social Benefits

–    Social Costs

–    Political Impact

n  What is your five year forecast of revenues?

–    Best Case

–    Likely Case

–    Worst Case

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