Japanese history 16th century

Paper prompt
In this paper you will analyze the tension between at least two groups in cross-cultural contact in order to advance an argument about how they managed that tension in a given geographical or political region at a given period in history; 1200-1750CE). Identify the tension between at least two different groups of people that is managed by ideas/practices of exclusion/restriction, status, and/or privilege.

Research Question: After Portuguese missionaries brought Christianity to Japan in 1549, Christianity spread quickly. However, it created tension between people in Japan. Why did the Japanese persecute Christians even though they accepted it in the beginning?

The Final Paper should include (page references to Ann Raimes, Keys for Writers are included):
• An introduction to your topic (Raimes, 36‐38)
• An explanation of the problem/question you are addressing (explicitly state your research
• Your thesis and evidence used to support it. Your thesis should be stated clearly and be easy for
your TA to find. (Raimes, 18‐22; 54‐57)
• Paragraphs dedicated to the thorough explanation of each scholarly interpretation you included
(argument, counter‐argument(s)/alternative argument(s)) and the evidence used by scholars to
support these arguments (Raimes, 51‐53; 57‐59; 62‐66)
• Rebuttal(s) or weakness of the above argument(s). This can also be an explanation about why you
find one (set of) argument(s) most convincing over others. You will do this by analyzing the
evidence used by scholars to reach their conclusions or by analyzing their conclusions directly.
(Raimes 61‐66; 121‐122
• Evidence. You are expected to include and analyze examples of the evidence used by the scholars
in your paper. You should include (a) citation(s) (either direct quotations or proper paraphrases)
from each of your sources listed in the Works Cited page.
• Conclusion and explanation of the significance of your research. (Raimes, 38‐39)
Your Final Paper must cite and utilize each of the minimum six (6) required sources, including:
• at least 1 primary source
• at least 1 scholarly journal article

Any/every time you used an author’s words, ideas, or sentence structure, you must cite it – whether or not
you are quoting the author directly or paraphrasing his/her work. Every time you use an author’s exact
words, you must put it in quotation marks and cite it.

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